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Mesh Inner for Unna (no poles)

by Hilleberg
Mesh Inner for Unna (no poles)
SKU: Hilleberg-012833M

Warm weather shelter from bugs that can be used alone, with a Tarp, or integrated into Unna complete model.

Poles and Pegs are not included

$ 245.00
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Unna Mesh Inner Specifications
*Weight 1 lb 9 oz (720 g)
Height 40" (100 cm)
Area 27 ft² (2.5 m²)
Poles needed 2 × 154" (1 × 387 cm)
Pegs needed 0
*Weight does not include poles or pegs. Mesh inner tents are sold separately, and poles and pegs are not included. Poles and pegs can be purchased separately or if you already own a Unna you can use the poles from your tent. You can also swap out the standard inner of your Unna for the mesh inner.
Unna Mesh Inner
Hilleberg Unna Mesh Insert Hilleberg Unna Mesh Insert
The Unna Mesh Inner is a free-standing shelter. (Poles are sold separately) Pairing a Tarp 10 UL and a free standing Unna, makes an excellent
combination for warm weather trips. The tarp keeps both sun and rain off, while the Mesh Inner
both keeps the bugs out and lets the breeze in. (Tarp sold separately)