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Stinger Titanium

by Hilleberg
Stinger Titanium
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Stinger Titanium Stake

An excellent blend of low weight and high strength, the Stinger boasts solid construction for handling being pounded into hard ground, and an integrated loop for easy removal.

$ 55.00

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Hilleberg Stinger Titanium Tent Stake in Hand

Hilleberg Stinger Titanium Stakes

  • Flat head design and sturdy construction allows
    for repeated use in the hardest ground
  • Handy eylet designed for cordage (included)
  • Solid titanium shaft with sharp tip.
  • Size:
    Length: 6.3" (16 cm)
    Diameter: 0.34"
  • Weight : 0.5 oz each (14 grams)
    Same weight as 1 quarter and two nickels