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Solar Controller 12 Volt Battery Charge Regulator

by Brunton
Solar Controller 12 Volt Battery Charge Regulator
SKU: Brunton-SOLRCON-0435


The box that offers worry-free charging for long-term use. The Solar Controller prevents overcharging 12 volt batteries when using solar panels that provide more than 10 watts of power. This compact unit can handle up to 100 watts of electricity and gives you maintenance free protection of both your solar panels and your batteries. Use with up to 5 SolarFlat 15 units, SolarRoll 14 units, or up to 3 Solaris 26 units

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Brunton Solaris 6 Solar Array : folded in hand
Solarcontroller in hand.


  • Cut-out: 14.2V, Cut-in:13V
  • Prevents overcharging of 12 volt batteries
  • Leave battery connected for constant charge monitoring
  • Use with 12V solar panes and batteries only
  • Designed for continuous charging with 10 watt and larger solar panels
  • Handles up to 7 amps of array input, 100 watts of solar power
  • Maintains battery in fully charged state
  • Charge light indicates charging
  • Full battery indication when charging is complete

3.8" × 2.7" × 1" (74 × 23 cm)

Weight: 4.2 oz (198 g)