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Do you charge sales tax?

We only collect taxes for orders shipped to Texas and California.

Sales within Texas are subject to a state and local sales tax of 8.25%.
Sales within California are subject to a state and local sales tax of 7.25%..

Do you charge VAT or import duty?

We do not collect any customs duty or taxes on shipments outside the USA. Payment of duties and taxes is the responsibility of the customer. The import duty and/or VAT varies with each country. To determine these fees please contact your local customs authorities. If such fees are applied to your order, the fees will be collected by your local authorities or the shipper. Please be prepared to pay the duties and taxes at the time of delivery. Duties are assessed at the point of entry to your country and generally are not reimburseable, even if the item is return or delivery is refused. If you refuse a shipment at the point when the shipper attempts delivery, return shipping is not free. The return shipping cost is usually equal to the original shipping cost. For example, if an item costs $200 and shipping is $50 and duty is $30, refusing the package at the time of delivery will result in a refund of only $120 ($250 - $50 (out-bound shipping) - $50 (return shipping) - $30 (import duty)).

Can you ship anything, anywhere in the world?

No, we cannot. Each country has a list of prohibited items. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of what items the customer's country prohibits. Of the items we sell, the items most likely to have issues are lockblade knives and lighters. Please check with your customs authorities or postal service regarding import restrictions. If an item cannot be delivered due to import restrictions, the package is treated as refused with the fees described above under "Do you charge VAT or import duty?"

Additionally, some manufacturers protect domestic markets from imports. The list of restrictions is complex. If you place an order with restricted shipment to your country, we will notify you prior to processing your order. Please check your email at least daily after placing your order until shipment is confirmed.

Where can I find information about engraving Leatherman tools?

Most of what you need to know about Leatherman engraving is available at this link. If that doesn't answer you questions, please contact us.

How do the Bonus Points work?

Bonus points allow you to get something for free when you purchase an item that earns bonus points.  The bonus points can be used at the same time that the main item is purchased.  For example, if you purchase an item that earns 20 bonus points, you can select 20 bonus points worth of items to ship at the same time as the item you purchase.  Unused bonus points can be saved in your online user account that you have the option to create before or during checkout. 

To use bonus points, add an item earning bonus points to your cart.  Then click on the "View bonus items" link in the cart summary page.  That link will take you to a page that allows you to use and manage your bonus points.  The upper "Pre-Cart" table displays what is in your shopping cart to include both items purchased with dollars and items purchased with bonus points.  To purchase an item with bonus points, select an item from the lower "Bonus Items" table. Then click the "Add" button in the right hand column for the item you have selected.  The page will refresh with the bonus item in the upper Pre-Cart table.

If you want to purchase a bonus item that costs more than the points you have earned, you can purchase some additional bonus points at $1 each.  The number of bonus points you can purchase at $1 each is limited to 20% of the bonus points you have earned.  You can purchase an unlimited number of Excess bonus point at $2 each.  This may sound complicated, but don't worry, the pre-cart table will make all the calculations and display the totals for you.

Click the Checkout button to return to the main shopping cart summar page where you will be able to select shipping options.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, we do.

To get a shipping quote add items to your shopping cart. On the cart summary page leave the country as United States and enter the APO/FPO zip code in the "Shipping postal code" field and click the Apply button. The cart will then quote the shipping cost for Postal Service methods.

When you checkout, enter APO or FPO for the city and select AA, AE or AP as appropriate from the State drop-down list. The long description such as Armed Forces Europe will not appear on your package's label. Only the two-letter code such as AA will appear as the state code.

Please note that the days-to-delivery quotes in the shopping cart are estimates to get the package to the States-side zip code. Delivery time to your remote location can be longer, depending on the speed of the military mail. Packages are insured against loss, but delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

How are shipping days calculated and are the delivery times guaranteed?

In short, shipping days are non-holiday weekdays and shipping times are not guaranteed. For example, an order placed on Saturday will normally ship on Monday. If that order is shipped 2nd Day Air, it is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday (two days after the day it was shipped).

Orders to be shipped by UPS or FedEx that are submitted by 9am CST on a business day, are almost always shipped on that same day. UPS and FedEx orders submitted after 8am and Postal orders usually ship the next business day. Address anonomlies and credit card verification can delay a shipment while we contact the customer to resolve any issues. If shipping to the billing address on the credit card and if the address validates with the shipper, then the odds of a delay in shipping are very small. Orders shipping outside the USA often take a day or two longer to process because customs forms require extra processing and the USPS pickup time varies from day-to-day with some days being very early.

Shipping times are not guaranteed because of the number of variables over which we have no control. Besides the issues that can cause processing delays described above, the shippers can experience issues with inaccurate addresses, persons not available to receive the package, weather delays and, for international shipments, delays in customs. We have found that over 95% of orders that do not experience processing delays are delivered within the timeframes listed with the shipping quotes.

If your order is time sensitive, it may be worthwhile to pay a bit more for a faster shipping method to be more confident that your items will arrive by your need-by date. If at all possible, it is best to plan ahead so that you receive you items with plenty of time for evaluation and exchange if necessary. Please see our return policy for specifics on returns and exchanges.

Can I track my First Class Mail or Priority Mail shipment?

The Postal Service does not offer a live tracking service for First Class or Priority Mail. It is possible for a package to take longer than the normal shipping time of 3 to 7 days. If you do not receive your package within 30 days of shipment, please notify us. We will then file a loss claim with the Postal Service and resend your package. If you then receive two packages, do not open the second package. Instead, write "refused" on the outside of the second package and the Postal Service will send it back to us at no charge to you. Also, in that case be sure to notify us that the second package was returned so that we can cancel the loss claim and so that the Postal Service can cease their investigation.

What happens to my package if I provided the wrong delivery address?

UPS can often determine the correct address if the "wrong" address does not exist and you provide your phone number. The fee for such a change is $10. UPS also charges $10 to correct an addres if the original address is inaccurate or incomplete (be sure to include apartment and suite numbers where relevant). If the "wrong" address does exist, UPS will most likely deliver your package to that address. They do not match names. If a package is undeliverable, UPS returns it to us and charges a return shipping fee.

The Postal Service usually ships the package back to us without making an attempt to determine the correct address.

Sorry, return shipping fees are not reimbursable if you provided the wrong address.

Can I change the delivery address after the package has shipped?

For a fee, UPS can change the delivery address. The fees range from $6 to $10. The Postal Service does not offer that service.

How long does it take to ship to a country outside of the U.S.?

Shipping by UPS is very fast, though more expensive than the postal service. Most of our international packages shipped through the postal service are delivered in 1-2 weeks, with a few extending to 4 weeks. If you can afford to wait a bit for your package, the postal service provides a good value. If the package is delayed, usually the problem is that your local postal service did a poor job of letting you know the package has arrived. It is often worthwhile to check with your local post office to see if the package is at their office waiting for you.

Can you ship to a country not in the drop-down list on your checkout page?

We can sometimes ship to countries not in our list of standard countries. The countries in the drop-down list have been carefully selected based on our confidence in those countries' ability to deliver our packages in a timely manner and based on a low credit card fraud history.  For countries not listed in the drop-down list on the checkout page, we can probably ship to you in any of the following circumstances.  If any of the following are acceptable to you, please email us with the items you want to purchase and your shipping address.  We will then provide the means of securely submitting payment. Depending on the destination country and the items ordered, US export restrictions may apply. Please contact us for details

American Express: If you use American Express and they can verify that the shipping address is the address of the cardholder, we can ship to you if your postal system is reliable or if you ship by UPS.

Money transfer: We can usually ship to you if you pay with a method other than credit card.  We can accept payment in US dollars by a bank wire transfer or Western Union. The minimum order amount is $250.

USA credit card: We may be able to ship to you if your credit card was issued by a bank in the USA and your shipping address is on file with the credit card company.

The product I purchased from you has failed or broken. It has been more than 30 days since I received the product.

Warranty issues after the first 30 days are generally handled by the manufacturers. The phone numbers for most of the manufacturers for the products we carry are listed below.

ArcTeryx 1-866-458-2473
Avocet 1-800-227-8346
Bear Vault 1-866-301-3442
Benchmade 1-800-800-7427
Bergans of Norway 1-206-329-2088
Big Anges 1-877-554-8975
Black Diamond 1-801-278-5552
Bridgedale 1-800-943-4453
Brunton 1-800-736-8551
Buck Knives 1-800-735-2825
Cascade Designs 1-800-531-9531
Cold Cold World 1-603-383-9021
Deuter 1-303-652-3102
Essential Gear 1-800-582-3861
Eureka! See Johnson Outdoors below.
Exped 1-800-421-2421
Fox 40 1-888-663-6940
Frogg Toggs 1-800-349-1835
Garcia Machine 1-559-732-3785
General Ecology 1-800-441-8166
GoLite 1-303-546-6000
Granite Gear 1-218-834-6157
Gregory 1-877-477-4292
Hennessy Hammock 1-888-539-2930
HighGear 1-828-681-0335
Hilleberg 1-425-883-0101
Integral Designs 1-403-640-1445
JDC electric 1-608-498-4021
Johnson Outdoors 1-800-572-8822
Katadyn 1-800-755-6701
Kelty 1-800-423-2320
Kestrel see Neilsen-Kellerman
Kriana 1-888-295-7455
Lafuma 1-800-514-4807
Leatherman 1-800-847-8665
MacPac 1-866-548-6505
Moss tent repair 1-800-796-1340
Mountain Hardware 1-800-953-8375
MSR See Cascade Designs
North American Gear 1-888-545-8215
Nielsen-Kellerman 1-800-784-4221
Olicamp 1-800-366-2666
Osprey 1-970-564-5900
Outdoor Research 1-888-467-4327
Pacific Outdoor 1-406-586-5258
Packtowel see Cascade Designs
Paha Que 1-888-700-8368
Peregrine 1-800-222-3088
Photon 1-877-584-6898
Princeton Tec 1-800-257-9080
Petzl 1-877-305-9822
Pur 1-800-755-6701
Quest 1-800-613-1225
Sawyer 1-800-940-4464
Sealine see Cascade Designs
Sierra Designs 1-800-635-0461
Smartwool 1-800-550-9665
Smith Optics 1-800-635-4401
Snowpeak 1-503-697-3330
Speedtech 1-800-760-0004
Steripen 1-888-826-6234
St Louis Braid 1-314-231-0540
Suunto 1-800-543-9124
Sweetwater See Cascade Designs
Thermarest See Cascade Designs
Tracks See Cascade Designs
Ursack 1-415-777-1997
Vargo Titanium 1-877-932-8546
Windmill see this FAQ