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Hozuki LED candle lantern

by Snow Peak
Hozuki LED candle lantern
SKU: Snow Peak-ES-010R

Snow Peak

Solid State Lantern "Hozuki"

LED Candle Lantern

The new Hozuki Lantern combines functionality and beauty like never before in outdoor lighting. Now, you can create the romance of a candle without burning down your tent. The Hozuki Lantern features an innovative Candle Mode that allows the LED to respond to sound or wind with a flicker of light; press the on/off button twice to enter candle mode. In addition, the Hozuki has three different brightness settings allowing you to light up your favorite book before going to bed or the entire campsite while cooking your dinner..

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Solid State Lantern "Hozuki" Specifications
Weight 6 oz (168 g) (without batteries)
Battery 4 × AA alkaline or AA Ni-MH (sold separately)
Max Lumens 100 Lumens
Max Lighting Time Hi - 8hrs, Mid - 20 hrs, Low - 80 hrs (w/ charged Ni-MH batteries)
Materials Polycarbonate, ABS, silicone rubber and aluminum
Use hook as stand for light on table top. Shade is made of soft silicone rubber for safety while hanging also to absorb shock if light is dropped.
The Houzuki LED Candle Lantern uses 4 AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries The light has the ability to work with USB mini-B connection (not included). The light automatically works with USB power and shuts off power supply from battery, but will not charge batteries.


Hozuki LED Candle Lantern Features