Engraving fees

  Keyboard text

Type on a standard keyboard


Must provide camera-ready artwork

Setup fee $25 $110
Per tool fee:
all tools engraved the same
$2 $2
12 tool minimum
Per tool fee:
each tool customized
different names on each tool
logo plus different names on each tool
Two-sided engraving

Per-tool fees are added for the second side.
For example, same text on one side of all tools ($2 each),
plus different names on other side of each tool ($3 each)

costs $5 per tool.

Engraving Instructions

Engravable tools Most Leatherman tools can be engraved.
Tools that cannot be engraved.
  • Micra with colored polyurethane
  • Bit drivers or Tool Adapters
Submission of engraving Text to be engraved can be included in the Special Instructions section of the checkout page.
Charging for engraving Once the exact engraving specifications are finalized, the costs of engraving will be added to the order subtotal and we will contact you for approval.
Engraving method The tools will be "laser etched" in the Leatherman factory using a computer programmed machine.
Engraving examples Click here to see examples of engraved Leatherman Tools.
Returns Engraved tools cannot be returned.
Additional info Please see our FAQ for info on text limits, logo shapes, etc.

Gift boxes are available for most tools

  • Gift boxes are not available for tools in an anodized black finish.
  • Gift boxes are not available for the knives (ie, c- and h- models).

Lead Times (does not include shipping times)

  No engraving Engraving - Keyboard text Engraving - Logo

1-2 weeks

Ships straight from Leatherman factory to you.

2-4 weeks


Most orders ship from Leatherman factory to you two weeks after order is placed.  Lead times increase near Christmas.

3-6 weeks


Most orders ship from Leatherman factory to you three weeks after approval of art work.  Lead times increase near Christmas.

$300 - $1150

2-3 weeks.

Ships from Leatherman factory to us, then to you.

Availability: Occasionally particular models experience shipping delays from the Leatherman factory.
For current availability status, please Contact Us


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