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Hooded Vapor Barrier Liner

by Integral Designs
Hooded Vapor Barrier Liner
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Integral Designs

Hooded Vapor Barrier Liner

Sleeping Bag Liner

Designed to keep a down sleeping bag dry on multi-day trips by preventing body perspiration (up to half a cup a night) from getting trapped in the down, the HVBL can enhance a sleeping system in a number of ways. It reduces dehydration by lowering an individual's perspiration rate once skin senses that it is in a humid environment. It adds warmth to a sleeping bag by trapping an extra air layer and reducing evaporated heat loss (up to 5 degrees). It also serves as an emergency bivy when out on a extended day trip or climb. The HVBL is made from ultra-light Silcoat nylon, has a contoured hood with a draw-string and cordlock to fully contain moisture and reduce liner slippage and has a large foot box ensuring a non-constricting fit.

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Hooded VB Liner Specifications
Bag Weight 6.5 oz (180 kg)
Length 90" (200 cm)
Chest Girth 66" (145 cm)
Hip Girth 60" (130 cm)
Foot Girth 42" (90 cm)
Packed Size 3" × 6" (7 × 14 cm)
Material Silcoat nylon
Hooded VB Liner Features
Integral Designs Hooded VB liner
  • Add up to 5 degrees of warmth to sleeping bag
  • Keeps down dry and lofty
  • Reduces dehydration
  • Use as an emergency bivy
  • Integrated mesh stuff sack