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Sil Shelter

by Integral Designs
Sil Shelter
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Integral Designs


2 person shelter

The Silshelter is an ultralight siliconized nylon tarp, specially shaped to set up on a hiking pole as a two person stand-alone shelter. Intended for use in conjunction with a bivy in above treeline conditions. Non slip Neotek pole cap holds hiking pole in place at reinforced apex., with a second pole wrap prop-point in the centre of the shelter. There are 21 webbing tie outs on corners and edges (one on the outside of the pole cup to enable suspension from a tree), and 3 webbing tie loops on the body of the tarp. The front entrance flaps can be left open for ventilation or overlapped and staked for a weather tight closure. The Silshelter has no zippers. Pitch off ground level for best ventilation. The Silshelter will attach to front of many tents as a simple vestibule..

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Integral Designs


Capacity: 2 person
Floor area(as flat tarp): 70 sq ft  (6.5 sq m)
Floor area(as shelter): 40 sq ft  (3.7 sq m)
Packed size: 8" x 4" (20 cm x 10 cm)
Tarp: 1.1 oz ripstop nylon impregnated with .25 oz silicone
Shelter(tarp and stuff sack): 14 oz ( 340 g)

Integral Designs Silshelter olive green color
Olive Silshelter Grey Silshelter

The photos below show the Jade Silshelter.  This color is no longer available.
Integral Designs Silshelter ; setup with one trekking pole  

The Integral Designs Silshelter can be set up with or without the optional Silshelter Bugliner using one or two trekking poles.  The shelter can also be suspended from tie off points, and the two front flaps overlap to close the door opening.

For additional photos of the Silshelter setup with one trekking pole, click here.

Integral Designs Silshelter ; setup with two trekking poles  

In this photo, the Silshelter has been supported by two trekking poles and the right door flap has been folded back and attached to a stake on the side wall.  Two Therm-a-Rest standard size sleeping pads are shown inside the shelter for scale.  (trekking poles and sleeping pads not included)

For additional photos of the Silshelter setup with two poles, click here.

Photos below show Bug Liner with optional Integral Designs Silshelter Bugliner.

Integral Designs Silshelter ; shown with 5"11" model Integral Designs Silshelter ; view of space between inner tent and outer wall Integral Designs Silshelter ; view of inside vestibule
Model shown is 5'11"
Space between side of bug liner and Silshelter.
Size 8 shoes shown inside vestibule for scale.