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Vestibule for Bibler Fitzroy

by Black Diamond
Vestibule for Bibler Fitzroy
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Vestibule for Bibler Fitzroy

For use with Bibler Fitzroy

Optional vestibule for the Bibler Fitzroy shelter, weighs 1 lb 6 oz (635 g) and adds 9 sq ft of vestibule space.

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Bibler Vestibule for Fitzroy
Bibler Fitzroy : with optional vestibule and 5'11 Bibler Fitzroy : with vestibule door open
The Bibler Fitzroy is a two door ultralight shelter designed to accept a zippered vestibule on the front door of the tent. The optional vestibule attaches with 2 buckles to the main tent, and includes an additional support pole to keep its shape. One additional stake is is also required to anchor the front of the vestibule. Photo above shows a three quarter view of the Bibler Fitzroy with the optional vestibule attached to the front door. The vestibule door is shown rolled up and fastened to the side of the doorway with hook and loop fasteners.
Bibler Fitzroy : with top of vestibule door open to vent Bibler Fitzroy : side view
In the photo above, the vestibule door is shown partially zipped open to provide ventilation. The hood over the doorway is supported by a flexible wire and helps to keep rain from entering the vestibule with the door partially open. The optional vestibule for the Bibler Fitzroy attaches to the tent with two buckles, and requires one additional stake. An additional pole included with the vestibule supports the arch above the vestsibule door.
Bibler Fitzroy : photo inside vestibule Bibler Fitzroy : model entering vestibule
The photo above shows the view from inside the Bibler Fitzroy looking out into the optional vestibule with vestibule door closed.  Pair of size 8 shoes are shown for scale. The photo above shows the Bibler Fitzroy with the optional vestibule attached. A 5'11" model is shown entering the tent through the front vestibule door.