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Micron Lantern, glass globe

by Primus
Micron Lantern, glass globe
SKU: Primus-P-221363


Micron Lantern, glass globe

The MicronLantern is a compact, lightweight and durable lantern that provides light and warmth when you need small dimensions, low weight and durability.This glass version provides a more powerful light. Brightness is infinitely adjustable, up to 360 lumens on this glass version. The EasyTrigger™ ignition system allows for quick and easy lighting. The patented burner ensures that the lantern is virtually silent and uses little gas. Comes in a sturdy plastic case.

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Micron Lantern, glass globe Specifications
Weight 5.4 oz (152 g)
Output 70 W (240 BTU/h)
Brightness 360 Lumens
Burn Time 4-36 hrs
Dimensions .2.4" × 2.5" × 4.8" (61 × 63 × 123 mm)
Ignition Piezo
Primus Micron Lantern with glass globe held in hand. Included plastic case for Micron Lantern