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Laser Competition 2

by Terra Nova
Laser Competition 2
SKU: Terra Nova-43LAG-1985

Terra Nova

Laser Competition 2

3-season 2 person ultra light shelter

Updated for 2011 with a smaller packsize and slightly different fabrics. The Laser Competition 2 tent offers a great mix of super-low weight and added comfort. The Laser Competition 2 tent utilises high quality DAC Featherlite poles, and has a unique flysheet ventilation system.

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Laser Competition 2 Specifications
Capacity 2
Weight Min 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
Weight Max 2.8 lbs (1.25 kg)
Peak Height 37" (95 cm)
Floor Area 22.5 sq ft (2.0 sq meters)
Vestibule Area 8.25 sq ft  (0.8 sq meters)
Packed Size 6.3" x 16" (16 cm x 40 cm)
Poles DAC Featherlite 8.84mm
Pegs 12 × Titanium 2.0 g each
Fly Si/Si Nylon R/S 3000mm
Floor Si/Si Nylon R/S 5000mm
Terra Nova Voyager; dimensions
Laser Competition 2 Additional Photos
Terra Nova Laser Terra Nova Laser
5' 10" model standing next to the Laser Comp 2 tent. The Laser outer fly is symmetrical  from front to back and side to side (the inner tent is non-symetrical - as described below). Front view of the Laser Comp 2. The tent includes a pole hood (black cover over pole) that covers the entry zipper.
Terra Nova Laser Terra Nova Laser
Front fly door opened revealing the closed front inner mesh/fabric door. In the photo above, the rear fly door and rear inner tent fabric door are both open and tied back as seen through the mesh window of the front door. 5'10" model sitting inside the Laser Comp 2 inner tent. The front and rear fly zippers are two way to allow for roof ventilation. The larger inner tent door (seen above) is very large with the door comprising most of the side wall.
Terra Nova Laser Terra Nova Laser
View of the inner tent rear fabric door Front vestibule with sized 10 pair of shoes. There is a whole other half of vestibule not shown in image above that is on the same side as vestibule above. The rear door features a very narrow vestibule area about half the width of the vestibule shown above.  In photo above the fabric door has been fully zipped open and the door is stowed in a pocket seen on the left side of the photo.
Terra Nova Laser Terra Nova Laser
Interior view of the fly ventilation system.  Both ends of the Laser Comp 2 feature a triangular mesh window with fabric panel (fabric panel opened above). The window provides ventilation to the inner tent and can be used with the integrated fly vent system. The model is holding two cords, one of which is a yellow reflective cord that opens the fly at one end of the shelter. Pulling the black cord closes the fly. In the image above, the fly can be seen closed through the mesh window..

Outer view of the fly vent system. Model on the inside has pulled the yellow reflective cord to open the end of the flysheet to reveal the mesh end window of the inner tent which aids in internal ventilation. Opposite side of tent has the same features as side shown above.

The inner tent can be separated from the outer tent, but the process is not simple if the above pictured fly opening system is to be utilized.

Terra Nova Laser Terra Nova Laser
View of the Laser Comp 2 with a standard sized 20" × 72" sleeping pad inside.  Two of the standard sized pads could not be fit inside the inner tent without overlapping one another. When used as a two-person tent, tappered pads would need to be set with the head at opposite ends. Close up of the pole hood which covers the fly zippers and makes the shelter fully waterproof.  The pole hood also strengthens the structure and features two guylines which further secures the tent.  One of the guylines shown above; opposite side has a guyline on the pole hood over the rear fly zipper entrance.