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DragonFly stove

by MSR
DragonFly stove
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DragonFly stove

Multi-fuel base camp stove

The Dragonfly liquid-fuel camp stove takes precision-simmering performance and puts it in a chassis that's built to handle a variety of fuels and the frequent use dished-out by global vagabonds. Tough and stable, it excels in institutional and guide service settings. Its dual-valve design gives you the flame control you need for evenly heating large pots (up to 9" maximum diameter) of crowd-pleasing gruel. Of course, when the need arises to melt snow and brew-up fast, the DragonFly goes from zero to searing at the twist of a knob.

Fuel bottle not included

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Stove Specifications

Stove dimensions (folded): 4" x  4" (excluding fuel line)


  • stove: 11.7 oz (335 gm)

  • fuel pump: 2.1 oz (60 gm)

  • windscreen & heat reflector: 2.1 oz (59 gm)

  • stuff sack & maintenance kit: 1.8 oz (52 gm)

Boil time (time to bring 1 quart of 70oF water to a boil at sea level):

  • MSR white gas: 3.5 minutes

  • Kerosene: 3.9 minutes

  • Diesel: 3.5 minutes

Fuel options:

  • white gas or,

  • kerosene or,

  • diesel fuel or,

  • naphtha or,

  • stoddard solvent or,

  • auto gasoline (petrol)


  • MSR Fuel Pump,
  • Small Parts Kit: with extra jet nipple for kerosene or diesel fuel,
    cleaning needle and service tool, Extra O-ring, safety pin,
    pump cup oil, cool fuel tool and fuel line filter
  • Wind screen and reflector
  • Nylon carrying bag.

msr dragonfly multi-fuel stove, view of stove in hand

msr dragonfly multi-fuel stove, close up view of stove base

Folding pot supports and flexible hose allow
for compact storage of stove.

Close-up of stove.


msr dragonfly multi-fuel stove, view of stove pump

msr dragonfly multi-fuel stove, view of stove assembled with bottle

Fuel pump (included with DragonFly stove) for use with fuel bottles.

Fuel pump attached to bottle. (fuel bottle not included)