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Exponent Multi-Fuel

by Coleman
Exponent Multi-Fuel
SKU: Coleman-J703

Coleman Exponent
Multi-Fuel Stove

Model 550B725

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Stove dimensions (legs collapsed): 5.75"(height) x  5.3"(width)

Stove output: 7500 BTUs (white gas or unleaded gas)
                       6500 BTUs (with kerosene fuel)

Burn time: 1 hr 23 min at high output (white gas or unleaded gas)
                   1 hr 34 min at high output (kerosene fuel)
                   (One filling = 10.3 oz).

Weight: 21.6 oz (680 gm) without fuel

Boil time, 1 qt of water: 4 min 25 sec (white gas or unleaded gas) 4 min 36 sec (kerosene fuel) (Varies with fuel, climate, altitude, tank pressure, etc.).

Fuel options (listed in order of preference):

  • white gas (heptane/Coleman) or,
  • unleaded gasoline
  • kerosene (kerosene generator included;
    requires kerosene paste sold seperately)


Special Features Include:

  • Burner bowl and pot supports help protect flame in windy conditions
  • One fill up will last through a typical weekend of camping
  • Integrated fuel tank
  • Inner-coated fuel tank resists corrosion
  • Precise low-to-high flame control
  • Filler cap with lanyard prevents cap loss
  • Leveling ring adjusts leg position to help keep stove steady on even terrain
  • Fold out legs

Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel Stove

Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel Stove

View of the Multi-Fuel stove in hand with legs folded. Pump can be seen in this view.

Image above shows the burner bowl and the pump extetnded.