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Pavilion tarp

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MSR Pavilion :
additional photos of standard setup

MSR Pavilion ; standard setup with door open


MSR Pavilion ; three quarter view of standard setup

View from front of MSR Pavilion with the zippered door open and rolled back.  Note the red hooded vent over the peak of the door.

In photo above, the MSR Pavilion has been set up with six stakes and the included poles.  The six stakes in this setup secure the edge of the tent (ie, no guy lines were used for this setup).  The front door is open and rolled back.


MSR Pavilion ; view inside the shelter


MSR Pavilion ;  outside guy points

On the inside of the MSR Pavilion, there are multiple toggles attached to the fabric which can be used to roll up portions of the side wall in a variety of configurations to provide better ventilation.   Fabric loops on the outside of the shelter (located at red diamond patches) can be used as guy out points for the included clip on adjustable lines.  Smaller loops on the outside surface correspond to the toggles pictured at left.
MSR Pavilion ; door partially open
  MSR Pavilion ; shown with 6'3" model inside

Both front and rear doors have dual zippers which allows user to partially open upper section of door to vent the MSR Pavilion.

Photo looking into the front door of the MSR Pavilion at an upward angle to show the available headroom.  Model in photo is 6'3".

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