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Pavilion tarp

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MSR Pavilion :
additional detail photos of features

MSR Pavilion ; detail of inside vent


MSR Pavilion ; detail of pole mount grommet

View from inside of the MSR Pavilion looking up at the hooded vent.  A wire running along the edge of the material holds the shape of the hood, and a mesh panel underneath allows airflow.

Close up photo showing one of the two support poles.  The pin at the end of the pole fits into the double grommet fitting located at both peaks of the MSR Pavilion.


MSR Pavilion ; corner tie down


MSR Pavilion ; detail of gated clip

Close up photo of the reinforced tie down point with metal grommet.  The MSR Pavilion features ten of these tie down points.   The MSR Pavilion comes packaged with eight guy lines with tensioners and gated quick release clips that can be attached to fabric guy out loops.  These clips allow the user to adjust guy line anchor points without having to untie the line from the shelter.
MSR Pavilion ; bottom of door closure   MSR Pavilion ; Rockbuster stakes

Each of the two doors has a double zipper covered by a fabric flap which helps to keep the elements out of the MSR Pavilion.

Nine large Rockbuster stakes are included with the MSR Pavilion.

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