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Superfly stove

by MSR
Superfly stove
SKU: MSR-11789



with manual ignition

This Multi-Mount, top-of-the-line backpacking stove works with a variety of self-sealing canisters, making it as versatile as the trips you take. Whether you're walking into the woods behind your house or going on an international trip, you won't get stuck without the right fuel.

* fuel canister not included

$ 49.95

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Stove weight: 4.6 oz (131 gm)
Stove weight w/AutoStart: 5.1 oz (144 gm)

Stove output: 3571 watts / 10,000 BTU/hr max

Stove Boil Time: 1 liter = 3.0 mins

Stove features:

  • Optional AutoStart allows matchless lighting
  • Adjusts from simmer to boil
  • Larger burner provides wide flame distribution
  • Full flame adjustability with a glove-friendly control
  • Nylon bag carrying case included
  • Multi-Mount: fits most canisters; burns best on MSR IsoPro

MSR SuperFly stove
MSR SuperFly stove
Image above shows the MSR SuperFly without AutoStart ignitor in its collapsed position.
MSR SuperFly close up of burner and pot supports.