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Flex 4 System, 2012

by MSR
Flex 4 System, 2012
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Flex 4 System

4-person cook system

MSRs' highest capacity, full-featured cook system for groups of 4 or more. Including a big, hard-anodized 5.3L pot, and a 3.2L nonstick, you can fix a feast for the whole posse on a road trip, while its compact nested designs makes it a great option for big river and group backpack trips as well. You get an extra Strainer Lid for maximum efficiency, plus plates and mugs for four.

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Flex 4 System Specifications
Weight 55.5 oz (1574 g)

3.2L Nonstick DuraLite DX Pot
5.3L Dual Handle Hard Anodized Pot
2 x Anodized Aluminum Strainer Lids (one for each pot)
4 x Polypropylene DeepDish Plates
4 x 12.5 oz Insulated Stainless Steel Mugs
Talon Pot Holder

  • Large-Capacity: Easy-to-grip, 5.3L.dual-handle pot for big, one-pot group meals and boiling.
  • Nested design: Saves valuable space in your pack or car.
  • Dual Cooking Surfaces: Both nonstick and uncoated, hard-anodized aluminum pots maximize cooking versatility.
  • Comprehensive: Includes two lids plus insulated mugs and DeepDish plates for four.
'MSR Flex 4 System
Flex 4 System Additional Photos
The complete Flex 4 System stows in the 5.3L Pot, shown above in 6' 3" models hands. 5.3 L pot with strainer lid removed revealing one of two large sized Deep Dish Plates. The rest of the Flex 4 System is under the plate.
5.3 L pot with strainer lid and red large sized Deep Dish Plate removed, revealing the 3.2L pot. The rest of the Flex 4 System is in and under the 3.2 L pot. 3.2L Pot with strainer lid, shown above in 6' 3" models hands.
3.2L Pot removed from 5.3L Pot reveals a 2nd Large Deep Dish Plate in black. The rest of the Flex 4 System is in the 3.2 L Pot. The external items to the 3.2L pot in the image above can be left behind if a smaller, lighter set is desired. 3.2L Pot with strainer lid removed, revealing one of the two Medium Deep Dish Plates. The 3.2L Pot stows two Deep Dish Plates and the four mugs.
Medium, Blue Deep Dish Plate removed from the 3.2L Pot reveals the four included mugs. There is also a 2nd orange, Medium Deep Dish Plate inside the 3.2L Pot under the four mugs. The complete MSR Flex 4 System un-nested. Includes, 5.3L Pot w/ strainer lid, 3.2 L Pot w/ strainer lid, 2 × Large Deep Dish Plates (red and black), 2 × Medium Deep Dish Plates (blue and orange) and 4 × mugs. Mugs and plates are color-coded.