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UL Super Stretch Down Hugger #1, regular

by MontBell
UL Super Stretch Down Hugger #1, regular
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UL Super Stretch Down Hugger #1 Regular

800 fill 15o Spring/Fall Sleeping Bag

MontBell's patented Super Stretch System uses horizontal elastic stitching to draw the insulation closer fit to your body and keep heat in the bag where it belongs. This stops drafts, eliminates cold spots and improves the bag's thermal efficiency by reducing the volume of air your body needs to heat. The result is a bag that keeps you toasty warm while accommodating changes in position.

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Product Specifications
  regular long
Weight 2.3 lbs
(1021 g)
2.5 lbs
(1107 g)
Fill Weight 1.3 lbs
(567 g)
1.4 lbs
(624 g)
Max User Height 5' 10"
(178 cm)
6' 4"
(193 cm)
Inside Shoulder Girth 53" - 71"
(135 - 180 cm)
57" - 76"
(144 - 192 cm)
Inside Knee Girth 43" - 57"
(109 - 145 cm)
47" - 63"
(120 - 160 cm)
Stuffed Size 7" x 14"
(17 x 34 cm)
7" x 14"
(18 x 35 cm)
Fill Material 800 fill down
Shell Material 15-denier Ballistic Airlight fiber nylon
POLKATEX DWR treatment
Product Features
  • Tunnel hood: a small face hole to improve warmth around your head and face
  • Neck adjuster: a drawstring adjusts fit around neck
  • Neck baffle: a shoulder collar prevents air circulation through top of the bag
  • Draft tube: a double draft tube prevents air from circulating through the zipper
  • Foot adjuster: a drawstring has been added to the last baffle, allowing the user increased adjustability.
  • Auto locking zipper: a locking mechanism has been integrated to limit zipper "slip" during the night.
  • Cotton storage sack included
Detailed Descriptions
Super Stretch System
With the Super Stretch System, you'll experience a freedom of movement like never before. The durable, elastic stitching gently stretches with you as you move. An ideal balance close fit and exceptional expandability.
Multi-Box Construction
The Down Hugger is engineered to maximize the warmth of the insulating material. Partitions have been created inside each baffle to more effectively distribute the down and limit migration.