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Ascent XPD Classic 80

by Macpac
Ascent XPD Classic 80
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Ascent XPD Classic

The Ascent XPD expedition style climbing pack organizes personal gear for long loops and tough traverses. MacPac's XPD harness features a Dynamic Pivot hipbelt, and gives you more freedom to move when carrying medium to heavy loads over uneven terrain. The XPD also features an included hydration system with an insulated drinking tube.

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Size 3
4880 cu in (80 liters)
5.8 lbs (2.6 kg)
14" - 19" torso length
Internal frame bars
AzTec®HP, Kevlar Matrix


Macpac Ascent XPD : worn by 5'11
Macpac Ascent XPD : worn by 5'11 Macpac Ascent XPD : worn by 5'11
Macpac Ascent XPD : worn by 5'11
Photos above show the Macpac Ascent XPD worn by a 5'11" model.
Macpac Ascent XPD : with lid removed and used as a hip pack Macpac Ascent XPD : with lid removed and used as a hip pack Macpac Ascent XPD : with lid removed and used as a hip pack Macpac Ascent XPD : with lid removed and used as a hip pack
Photos above show the lid of the Ascent XPD removed and used as a hip pack.


Macpac Ascent XPD : view of suspension harness

The photo at left shows the Macpac Ascent XPD with the model's hand to show the thickness of the shoulder strap padding. The Ascent XPD features a contoured harness, padded backpanel, and a reinforced hipbelt. A recess in the backpanel increases ventilation, and a haul loop between the shoulder straps can be used to lift or hang the pack. The floating lid of the Ascent XPD can be detached and worn as a hip pack

For additional photos of the Macpac Ascent XPD suspension, click here.

Macpac Ascent XPD : exterior features on front of pack

The Macpac Ascent XPD features a large floating lid with a zippered pocket and four attachment buckles which can be used to fasten additional gear to the top of the lid. The front of the pack has two ice axe tubes and holders, both of which are adjustable and fasten with quick release buckles. Two compression straps on each side of the Ascent XPD help to cinch down the pack, and can also be used to secure gear to the outside of the main compartment.

For additional photos of the Macpac Ascent XPD exterior features, click here.

Macpac Ascent XPD : view inside top lid compartment

The Macpac Ascent XPD features a removable lid with a zippered pocket and a large main compartment with an overstuff sleeve. The large lid pocket has a key clip (shown by red arrow in photo at left). The main compartment includes a hydration system included with the pack. The hydration tube is passed through an insulating foam sleeve, and features a pinch valve to help prevent leakage.

For additional photos of the Macpac Ascent XPD compartments, click here.



  • Stiffened Dynamic pivoting hipbelt for load carrying comfort
  • 15 litre overload lid extension
  • Twin ice axe tubes and crampon pad
  • Integrated tool holster and ski slot on each side of the sac
  • Removable frame bars, hipbelt and lid
  • Platypus 2.5 lt bladder drink system built in
  • Removable bumbag lid for day reconnaissances


Dynamic Harness

Dynamic™ theory With each step you take you lean backwards and forwards and side to side. This changes the shape and length of your spine, torso and muscles. If your harness does not flow with your body then you will struggle to move easily and will find it difficult to balance. This increases the risk of skin pressure, chafing and muscle and skeletal strains. Your journey will also not be enjoyable as you feel every aspect of your pack moving against your body.

MacPac has designed a pack harness that synchronizes with the complex movements of your body, thereby providing greater comfort.

The XPD Harness performs best carrying medium to heavy loads (up to 44 lbs / 20kg) over difficult terrain where harness flexibility and freedom to move are essential.

Dynamic Pivoting Hipbelt™ The Dynamic™ Pivot provides maximum freedom to move by allowing your hips to work independently from your shoulders, back and the pack. Laminations of dense, energy-absorbent EVA foam distribute the weight from the base of your spine (lower lumbar) over your entire hip area and provide firm yet responsive support.
Internal frame bars and back extension Contoured internal vertical frame bars distribute the load weight from your shoulders and spine down to your lower lumbar area. They also give the sac form and rigidity. The back extension changes shape as you move by stretching and compressing with your spine. This prevents the hipbelt from riding up off your hips.
Lumbar pad The lumbar pad provides back support and encourages you to stand upright, while helping the harness sit comfortably in the curve of your lower back. Highly breathable AirMesh™ fabric reduces the build-up of perspiration against your back, keeping you dry and comfortable.
Side stabilizer straps Side stabilizer straps allow you to tighten the sac to the harness to achieve greater load stability when balance is critical.


Products made from AzTec® HP are designed for activities like mountaineering, where minimizing weight while maintaining essential strength and weatherproofness is paramount. By choosing a high polyester content and a reduced weight of 310gms/m2 for AzTec® HP, we have created a fabric that is lightweight, has a high tear-strength and is durably weatherproof.

Kevlar Matrix

Kevlar® Matrix™ is a unique blend of Cordura® nylon and Kevlar® thread, developed and manufactured in Italy as pack-weight material. This high-quality blend enables Kevlar® Matrix™ to be 33% lighter than standard Cordura® while having a tensile strength 30% greater than Cordura®.