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Carbonlite AERGON Speedlock (2 poles)

by Leki
Carbonlite AERGON Speedlock (2 poles)
SKU: Leki-635-2131


Carbonlite Makalu UL Aergon Speedlock

Telescoping trekking poles

The Leki Carbonlite AERGON SpeedLock Poles are ideal for ounce counters looking for the lightest weight hiking poles without sacrificing Leki's legendary quality and durability. Weighing in at an astonishing 14.6 ounces per pair, the Leki Carbon Lite poles are solid and durable. In addition, its carbon fiber construction provides natural shock absorption. Now with Leki's new external locking system, Speed Lock.

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Leki Carbonlite Aergon Speedlock Specifications
Weight (pair) 14.6 oz (470 g)
Max length 53" (135 cm)
Min length 43" (100 cm)
Stored length 26.5" (67 cm)
Shaft Material Three Section Carbon
Grip Aergon Thermo Compact
Basket(s) Interchangeable baskets
Pole Tip Carbide flextip
Leki Carbonlite Aergon Speedlock Leki Carbonlite Aergon Speedlock
Close-up of the Positive Angle AERGON Thermo Compact Grip of the Carbonlite Aergon Speedlock trekking poles. Adjustable Safety Straps can also be seen in image above. Close-up of the Speed Lock closures, interchangeable baskets and carbide flextips. Poles are in their compact or stored configuation above.


Leki Carbonlite Aergon Speedlock Features
Leki Carbonlite Aergon Speedlock

Speed Lock System

  • Highest locking force
  • Extremely fast adjustment
  • East to use mechanism
Leki Carbonlite Aergon Speedlock

Aergon Grip

  • Edgeless outer shape can either be palmed or held traditionally for a variety of gripping options
  • Rubberized and dimpled top provides a comfortable textured grip
  • Large support area on top of the grip for secure hold
  • Lightweight shell cavity construction
  • Integrated safety strap