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Staika, green-colored fly

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Hilleberg Staika:
additional photos of full set-up

Hilleberg Saika tent,  front view

Hilleberg Staika 2 person Mountaineering tent

Image above shows the front view of the Staika tent with vent cover on the very top of the tent. The front and the rear of the tent are exactly the same.

Side view of the Hilleberg Staika tent. Both sides of the tent are identical.


Hilleberg Staika tent, 3/4 open

Hilleberg Staika tent, vestibule

Above image shows the front door of the Staika and the zipper guard which keeps the zipper dry in rainy or snowy conditions. The rear door has the same feature.

Image above shows the rear vestibule space of the Staika with a sized 11 shoes inside. The front and rear vestibules are identical.

Hilleberg Staika mountaineering tent; fully opened Hilleberg Staika Mountaineering tent
Image above shows the Staika with front and rear outer and inner tent doors fully opened.
The Staika has two vents in the peak of the roof where moist air rises. One of the vents is shown above without the vent cover which protects the vents from rain. The other vent is on the opposite side of the tent. Both vents can be operated from both inside and outside.
Hilleberg Staika; view of outer tent
Image above shows the outer tent of the Hilleberg Staika set up without the inner tent. The outer tent set up alone can be used as a light weight shelter. Pictured with 5'11" model.

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