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Soulo, red-colored fly

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Hilleberg Soulo
Additional photos of full setup
Hilleberg Soulo; Front View Hilleberg Soulo; Right side view
Front view of the Hilleberg Soulo with vent cover in place at the top of the tent.  The Soulo uses an innovative short pole sleeve and clip system for simple and quick set up.  The short sleeves are at the base of the tent, while the clips run to the top of the tent. Right side view of the tent shows two of the short pole sleeves leading up to the pole clips. The Hilleberg Soulo is equipped with six double guy lines with double line runners, one along each pole line for increased stability. Two of the six double line runners can be seen in the photo above.
Hilleberg Soulo; Rear view
Rear view of the Hilleberg Soulo. Being a one person tent, there is only one door at the front of the tent. Left side view of the Hilleberg Soulo. Vent cover can be seen in place protecting the door vent of the outer tent.
Front view of the Soulo with the vent cover removed and the black door vent of the outer tent  visible.  The door vent is made from a highly air permeable yet water resistant and snow-proof fabric, the vent allows air to flow freely, even when it is zipped closed. Close up view of the open door vent.  The vent is fully accessible from the inner tent. Inner tent can be seen through door vent. Left side inner tent door is a no-see-um mesh panel with an equal sized  zipper-adjustable fabric panel, which is situated below outer tent door vent for maximum ventilation options.
Vestibule of the Hilleberg Soulo shown with sized 11 shoes inside. The Soulo is completely free standing, and the vestibule is included in its self-supporting structure. Vestibule is parallel to the sleeping area, so access to gear stored there is wonderfully convenient – you can even get at it while lying in your sleeping bag! Image above shows 6'3" model inside the Hilleberg Soulo inner tent.  Left side inner tent door fabric panel is fully opened leaving the no-see-um mesh panel in place.  The fabric panel of the left door is zipper adjustable for fine tuning of venting options.
Left side door of the Soulo fully opened with 6'3" model lying in the inner tent. Right side all fabric door is completely closed. Both left side and right side doors fully opened and 6'3" model lying inside. Right side door is an all fabric door with no mesh. Maximum ventilation is achieved with both inner tent doors fully opened.
Image above shows half of the inner tent removed. Inner tent has heavy duty loops with toggles that connect to corresponding rings along the pole lines inside the outer tent. The toggles can be detached and reattached  very easily, and the system not only allows you to use inner and outer tents separately, but also to customize your inner space  as shown above. Outer tent with the inner tent completely removed and 5'11" model inside.

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