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Keron 3

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Hilleberg Keron 3:
additional photos of outer tent

Hilleberg Keron 3; 3-Person Mountaineering Tent, Interior View of Outer Tent

Hilleberg Keron 3 tent,  interior view of outer tent

Interior view of the outer tent.

3/4 view of the Keron 3 outer tent. Rainflap over door zipper can be seen on the front left portion of the tent. There is a rainflap on the front and rear doors of the Keron 3.

Hilleberg Keron 3 mountaineering tent; view of rainflap Hilleberg Keron 3 mountaineering tent
Close up of hand reaching under rainflap on door to reach the door zipper.
Image above shows the door partially zipped opened exposing the outer rainflap(indicated with green arrow). The rainflap is used to protect the zipper when it is raining or to offer additional ventilation in addition to the main vent. Main vent is in its closed position in this image and indicated by the blue arrow.

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