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Keron 3

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Hilleberg Keron 3:
additional photos of full set-up

Hilleberg Keron 3 tent,  side view

Hilleberg Keron 3 tent, rear

Side view of the Keron 3 tent in full set-up.

Image above shows the rear of the Keron 3 tent. The rear and the front of the tent are identical. Guylines pictured keep the front or rear vents opened for use and provide extra stability for the tent.


Hilleberg Keron 3 tent, 3/4 view

Hilleberg Keron 3 tent, vestibule

Above image shows the front door of the Keron 3 in its open position. Inner (yellow) tent can be seen in this photo.

Image above shows the front vestibule space of the Keron 3 with a sized 11 shoes inside. The front and rear vestibules are identical.

Hilleberg Keron 3; view of vent
View of the front vent of the Keron 3. In this photo the mesh and fabric panels have been partially opened to demonstrate the various options.  The first arrow on the left points at the mesh panel. The middle arrow points at the fabric panel. The arrow on the far right points to a completely opened vent. The rear vent has the same configuration as this front vent.

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