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Jannu, red-colored fly

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Hilleberg Jannu:
additional photos of full set-up

Hilleberg Jannu, Front view

Hilleberg Jannu, 3/4 view

The Hilleberg Jannu is setup by staking the outer tent first, then setting up the poles. Once the tent is in the configuration pictured above, you just clip the outer tent to the poles and your done.

Side view of the Jannu with vent cover on.  


Hilleberg Jannu, side  view

Hilleberg Jannu,  rear view

Rear 3/4 view of the Hilleberg Jannu tent.

Rear view of the Hilleberg Jannu tent. There is no door on the rear of the Jannu.

Hilleberg Jannu tent; high view Hilleberg Jannu mountaineering tent
Image above shows the left hand door of the Jannu inner tent open and tied back. The right side door can be opened in the same manner.
Front view if the Jannu with center vestibule door open.
Hilleberg Jannu moutaineering tent; model entering Hilleberg Jannu mountaineering tent; view of model in vestibule
Vestibule area completely tied back.
Image above shows the vent cover off, with vent clearly seen on top of the tent.
Hilleberg Jannu; 2-Person Mountaineering Tent; Model inside Hilleberg Jannu montaineering tent; view of vestibule
Vent open and tied back. The yellow inside is the top of the inner tent with mesh and fabric panel closed.
Image above shows a models' hand coming through the inner tent and outer tent vent.
The vent on the outer tent has drawstring closure when venting is not required.

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