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Monopod, non-magnetic

by Brunton
Monopod, non-magnetic
SKU: Brunton-4089


Monopod, non-magnetic

Collapsible Monopod & Walking Stick

Brunton's non-magnetic Monopod is perfect for situations where accuracy & weight are issues.  The leg adjust from 25.5 inches to 62.5 inches and it's sturdy enough to be used as a walking stick.
Use the non-magnetic Ball & Socket mount to attach any Brunton pocket transit to any Brunton tripod or monopod for extremely accurate azimuth and inclination readings.  It is the exclusive mount for all Brunton transits.

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Grip style:

Brunton Non-Magnetic Collapsible
Monopod and Walking Stick

Brunton Monopod with Ball & Socket Mount and Transit

  • Weight: 9.5 ounces
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Length : 3-Section adjustable from 25.5 inches to 62.5 inches
  • Mounting post is a standard 1/4 - 20 thread
  • Adjustable leg for use on almost any surface
  • Rubberized tip on the end of the leg for no-slip use
  • Use with Brunton's ball and socket mount to attach transits.


The image at left shows a Brunton Transit attached to the Monopod using the Brunton Ball & Socket Mount.  All items are sold seperately.



The newer Monopod with foam top. Top of Monopod removed shows the standard 1/4 - 20 thread .
The updated rubberized tip on the end of the leg of the newer all foam grip.  


Brunton Monopod with 2 Monopods; 1 extended and  1 collapsed

Image above shows a 5'11" model with 2 Monopods.  The left Monopod is fully extended while the right is collapsed. Textured grip pictured. (The all foam grip extends in the same manner)

Brunton Monopd; view of textured grip

Image above show the Monopod's textured grip
on the twist cap. Textured grip pictured.

Brunton Monopod; View of mounting screw

Image above shows the Monopod's cap unscrewed
with the mounting screw exposed.
Textured grip pictured.

Brunton Monopod; view of rubber bottom

The image at left shows the rubber bottom of the Monopod.  The 2 adustable pole sections are collapsed.
Textured grip pictured.