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Bonus Points System

Bonus points allow you to get something for free when you purchase an item that earns bonus points. The bonus points can be used at the same time that the main item is purchased. For example, if you purchase an item that earns 20 bonus points, you can select 20 bonus points worth of items to ship at the same time as the item you purchase. Unused bonus points can be saved in your online user account that you have the option to create before or during checkout.

To use bonus points, add an item earning bonus points to your cart. Then click on the "View bonus items" link in the cart summary page. That link will take you to a page that allows you to use and manage your bonus points. The upper "Pre-Cart" table displays what is in your shopping cart to include both items purchased with dollars and items purchased with bonus points. To purchase an item with bonus points, select an item from the lower "Bonus Items" table. Then click the "Add" button in the right hand column for the item you have selected. The page will refresh with the bonus item in the upper Pre-Cart table.

If you want to purchase a bonus item that costs more than the points you have earned, you can purchase some additional bonus points at $1 each. The number of bonus points you can purchase at $1 each is limited to 20% of the bonus points you have earned. You can purchase an unlimited number of Excess bonus point at $2 each. This may sound complicated, but don't worry, the pre-cart table will make all the calculations and display the totals for you.

Click the Checkout button to return to the main shopping cart summar page where you will be able to select shipping options.