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Mattress Snap Kit

by Therm-A-Rest
Mattress Snap Kit
SKU: Therm-A-Rest-01844


Mattress Snap Kit

3M Adhesive-Backed Snaps for Attaching Blankets/Accessories and Coupling Mattresses

Experience new levels of outdoor comfort when you use this lightweight kit to attach the Therm-a-Rest ® blankets and comforters to your Therm-a-Rest mattress. It can also be used to snap two mattresses together for a double bed.

$ 9.95

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Mattress Snap Kit
  • Includes 4 male snap tabs & 4 female snap tabs
  • Attaches Therm-a-Rest Tech Blanket or Ventra Down Comforter to any Therm-a-Rest Mattress
  • Can also be used to snap any two mattresses together
  • 3M Adhesive-backed snaps
Instructions for appling snaps to any Therm-a-Rest Mattress
  1. On a flat surface, lay out Therm-a-Rest blanket or comforter with bottom side facing up, and place mattress on top.(see fig 1)
  2. Begin by peeling off backing and applying two snap tabs completely flat on the foot end of the mattress where blanket/comforter snaps line up. Note that blanket/comforter should wrap around the bottom of the mattress. (see fig 2)  Firmly press on snaps.
  3. Gently snap blanket/comforter to mattress, being careful not to pull on newly affixed snaps.
  4. Working up the sides, continue to the next snap and place a tab on the mattress seam where it lines up with the blanket/comforter snaps. Be sure that the snap side of the tab is on the bottom side of the mattress. The metal snap should be close to the edge seam and excess tab extends past the mattress edge. (see fig 3)
  5. Press down the tab firmly with fingers and fold over excess tab to top side.
  6. Continue working up the sides of the mattress, repeating the process for remaining tabs.
  7. To remove blanket/comforter, firmly hold snap tabs in place on each side of snap while gently releasing the two foot-end snaps. (This is not necessary once adhesive has cured)
  8. For best results, allow 2 hours for the adhesive to cure.