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Gravity II Multi Fuel

by Primus
Gravity II Multi Fuel
SKU: Primus-P-328194


Gravity II Multifuel

Canister gas and liquid fuel stove

Gravity MF has had a major face-lift. That means the good stability the stove has always had is now even better, and the preheating when used with liquid fuels is positioned to make it easier to use. Its design makes the stove approximately 30% lower compared with other stoves. The stove has four stable, foldable legs, which means you can even use it with larger pots. Gravity II MF can be used with both LP gas and liquid fuels, such as chemically clean gasoline, gasoline/petrol, kerosene, and if necessary even diesel.

Fuel bottle not included with stove

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There is considerable confusion about the Gravity line of stoves on other websites,
and some models have been mislabeled as the Gravity MF (multi fuel).

According to Primus:
the Gravity II MF (multi fuel model #328194) can run on canisters and liquid fuel
the Gravity VF (vari fuel model #328084) can run on liquid fuel only
the Gravity EF (easy fuel model #327983) can run on canisters only


Gravity II MF Specifications
Stove Weight 8.4 oz (239 g)
Pump Weight 3.6 oz (102 g)
Stove Output 3000W (10,500 BTU/h)
Boil Time 4 min (+ Pre-heating 45-60 sec)
Dimensions 4" × 4" × 1.6" (101 × 101 × 40 mm)
Includes ErgoPump, multitool with integrated cleaning needle,
nylon stuff sack, windscreen, and heat reflector


Gravity II MF Features
  • Burns white gas, petrol/gasoline, kerosene/paraffin and LP gas gas cartridges
  • Flip over system leaves the stove clean and dry after every use
  • Simmering capability and superior stability