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by Optimus
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Classic Gasoline Stove

The cult stove of the climbing society is an ultra-classic lightweight gasoline stove in solid brass. It has been around for a century and still sets the standard for compact outdoor cooking equipment. We doubt that any other outdoor stove has yet been field tested as much as the OPTIMUS SVEA. Widely used by climbers all over the world, this stove is renowned for its performance at high altitudes. The SVEA is ideal for single ventures, high altitudes cooking or whenever stuff volume and weight must be kept low. The lid of the stove also serves as a small cooking pot.

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Optimus SVEA Specifications
Fuels White Gasoline
Weight 19 oz (550 g)
Measurments 3.9" x 5.1" (100 x 130 mm)
Rating 1400 W
Burning Time Up to 50 minutes on one filling (0.12 L/4 fl.oz) At high output
Boil Time (1 L of water) 7 minutes depending on climate, altitude, etc.
Optimus SVEA Optimus SVEA
SVEA stove packed in hand measures 5.1" in height. SVEA Stove includes a small aluminum pot/lid, brass gasolime stove and windscreen w/ pot supports.
Optimus SVEA Optimus SVEA
Close-up of brass stove with Minikey control Close-up of the smal aluminum pot/lid
Optimus SVEA Features
Optimus SVEA
  • Self-Pressurrizing Burner
  • Power Simmering
  • Mechanical Cleaning Needle
  • Minikey Control
  • One-Piece Design
  • Integrated Tank
  • Classic Design