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SureLock TR-3, 2012

by MSR
SureLock TR-3, 2012
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SureLock TR-3

Compact, All-Season Three-Section Trekking Poles

The three-section SureLock TR-3 poles deliver the versatility you need to be ready for anything: from laying down the trail miles, to moving over technical terrain with poles stashed discreetly on your pack. Maximum compactness combines with our patent-pending Trigger Release adjustment system to make the TR-3 poles the top choice for people seeking a single pair of poles to carry them through any terrain or season. * Includes both Snow Baskets and Trekking baskets. Available in Regular and Compact sizes.

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SureLock TR- 3 Specifications
  Standard Long
Weight per pair 1.2 lbs (561 g) 1.3 lbs (590 g)
Min Length 41" (105 cm) 45" (115 cm)
Max Length 51" (130 cm) 55" (140 cm)
Packed Size 22" (57 cm) 23" (61 cm)
Material 7000 aluminum
Locking Mechanism SureLock
Basket Type Includes both Snow & Trekking
Tip Carbide Compression Tips
Number of Sections 3
SureLock TR- 3 Features
  • SureLock Adjustment System: 100% positive-locking mechanism offers the confidence of absolute, non-slip performance in all conditions.
  • Fast, Easy Trigger Release: Glove-friendly, two-finger activation for fast, one-handed length adjustments from the grip.
  • Efficient Strength: 7000-series aluminum delivers exceptional, ultralight strength.
  • Superior Swing Weight: Eliminating hardware on the shaft keeps center of gravity high for an easy, efficient swing.
  • Dual-Density Ergonomic Grips: Sleek design works with a broad range of hand sizes and features a catch for raising heel lifts on snowshoes and AT bindings.
  • Compact: Three-section design offers maximum compactness without sacrificng overall length
SureLock TR- 3 Detailed Descriptions
MSR SureLock TR-3
Trigger Release
One-handed length adjustment from the grip.
By far the easiest pole adjustment mechanism on the market, the Trigger
Release allows one-handed adjustment from the pole grip. This patent pending
innovation changes the way people interact with their poles,
and will forever alter consumer expectations when it comes to ease
of adjustment. Trigger Release only adjusts top adjustable section.
MSR SureLock TR-3
Surelock Reliability
Zero-slip, push button locking adjustment.
The indexed push-button locking system is intuitive, fast and secure. By
interlocking the pole segments together – the true definition of a positivelocking
mechanism - there is no way that it can slip. Indexing provides
extremely fast and accurate adjustment with the push of a button, and
the unique shape of the tri-lobe shafts guarantee system alignment and
unquestionable reliability. This adjustment is for the bottom most shaft.