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HyperFlow Gravity Kit

by MSR
HyperFlow Gravity Kit
SKU: MSR-56502


HyperFlow Gravity Kit

For use with the MSR HyperFlow Water Filter

The MSR HyperFlow Gravity Kit Lets you adapt the HyperFlow Pump for easy, pump-free gravity filtering

$ 59.95

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MSR Hyperflow Gravity Kit
  1. Water level-indicating window
  2. Shut-off clamp
  3. Quick-disconnect fittings
  4. Easy-hang strap
MSR Hyperflow Gravity Kit Features
  • No pumping: Just fill the $-liter reservoir with unfiltered wawter, connect it, hang it, and forget about it.
  • Lightweight: Reservoir adds only 5.5 oz and a ton of convenience.
  • Includes mesh stuff sack