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Breeze Dry-Tec UL sleeping bag cover

by MontBell
Breeze Dry-Tec UL sleeping bag cover
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Breeze Dry-Tec UL sleeping bag cover

MontBells popular and proven Ultra Light Sleeping Bag Cover made from a 2-layer version of the new BREEZE DRY-TEC™ means similar weight and performance at a more affordable price.

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Breeze Dry-Tec U.L. Sleeping Bag Cover Specifications
Weight 6.3 oz (179 g)
Dimensions 88.6" × 33.1" (225 × 84 cm)
Materials 2-layer Breeze Dry-Tec
12-denier micro rip-stop nylon
Breeze Dry-Tec
Breeze Dry-Tec
Breeze Dry-Tec is an innovative new MontBell waterproof/breathable material, and one of the only air-permeable waterproof fabrics available today.
Waterproof/breathable materials generally consist of a micro-porous laminate with a non-porous polyurethane coating. This means that all vapors that will pass through the fabric must first be absorbed by and passed through the polyurethane coating and then through the micro-porous laminate and out of the jacket.
With Breeze Dry-Tec, MontBell was able to manipulate the size and consistency of the pores, eliminating the non-porous coating and drastically increase the ventilation of the material.
In fact, tests indicate that Breeze Dry-Tec is more than twice as breathable as many of its competitors while maintaining a high level of weatherproofing.