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Enzian (2 poles)

by Leki
Enzian (2 poles)
SKU: Leki-TM 2005-06



Telescoping Trekking Poles

From simple treks to ambitious trails, the Trail Series offers reliable support and classic LEKI performance. 2007 model adds carbide tips and slightly different graphic.

Note: there was no difference between the 2006 and 2007 models, only the model number changed.

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Weight 9.4 oz each (266 g)
In-use length 26.4" - 57" (67 cm - 145 cm)
Stored length

26.4" (67 cm)

Shaft Material 18/16/14 mm Aluminum HTS 6.0
Grip Plastic Turbo Sport
Basket(s) Dome Basket
Pole Tip (2006) Steel Flextip
(2007) Carbide Flextip

Leki Enzian Telescoping poles

Viewed above are two Leki Enzian Trekking Poles.
The top pole is fully extended to the maximum of 57". The bottom pole is collapsed for storage at 26.4" There is a 12" ruler pictured below poles for size reference.

Leki Enzian A/S Trekking Poles

Leki Enzian A/S Trekking Poles

Leki Enzian A/S Trekking Poles

Plastic Turbo Sport Grip
with Automatic System Strap

Adjustment scale on the
shafts of Enzian poles
2006 model has Steel Flextip and
Interchangeable Dome basket
Leki Tour A/S Trekking Poles
The 2007 Enzian features a Carbide Flex Tip and interchangable Dome Basket


Special Features

  • Three-section telescoping poles compress for compact storage
  • Interchangeable basket system
  • Standard Expander Lock
  • Automatic System Strap
  • Steel Flextip

LEKI Standard Expander Lock

LEKI poles allow you to adjust the length of the poles to your height and walking surface. The expander is a split dowel that opens inside the shaft to lock the adjustment in place. Turn shaft clockwise to lock, counterclockwise to unlock.