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X21R, 2013

by LED Lenser
X21R, 2013
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LED Lenser


High perfomance LED flashlight

With a jaw-dropping 1600 lumens on high and powerful 280 on low this may just be the most powerful handheld LED on the market. But it doesn't stop there. The X21R is also rechargeable, has a 1900-foot beam distance, and boasts a run time of up to seven hours. The Advanced Focus System means this ultra-powerful light can be directed into a far-reaching spot, or a close-up, flood light. With seven LEDs and an efficient heat sink system, the X21R puts most car headlamps to shame.

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X21R Specifications
Weight 3.2 lbs (1440 g)
Battery 4 × D Ni-MH (included)
LED  7 High End Power LED
Length 16.2" (41.2 cm)
Recharging Time 4 hours
LED Lenser X21R
LED Lenser X21R LED Lenser X21R
The X21R comes in a hard plastic case with all of its accessories. The X21R includes rechageable battery, charging mount, power supply, nylon carry strap and tripod mount.
LED Lenser X21R LED Lenser X21R

X21R in hand measures 16.2" in length

X21R in the included charging mount.
LED Lenser X21R LED Lenser X21R
Close-up of the 7 high-end power LED's of the X21R Model with nylon carry strap attached to X21R


X21R Features
LED Lenser X21R
  • Patened Advanced Focus System
  • Dynamic Switch
  • Water Resistant Housing
  • 7 × High-End Power LED
  • Nylon carry strap included
  • Hard plastic case included
  • 4 × Rechargeable D Ni-MH
Advance Focus System
LED Lenser X21R
Advanced Focus System (AFS)
Patened combination of a reflector and lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenouse spill-beam for up close reading.
By using this combined system, more and better quality light is captured and projected to your intended target overall, making the AFS system one of great flexibility.
LED Lenser X21R