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LED Lenser


Handheld, Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The LED Lenser M7RX combines the best of all worlds: powerful technology, environmental sustainability, and incredible portability. With the simple stow-and-go rechargeable features, recharging your light is as easy touching the tail switch to the floating charge magnet. Power the floating charge system with the convenient wall charger, or use the USB adapter to charge directly from your laptop. A staggering technology lineup featuring our Advanced Focus SystemTM, Advanced Smart Light TechnologyTM, and Rapid FocusTM all weigh in at just over 7 oz. - making this flashlight one of LED Lenser's most powerful and versatile handheld flashlights yet.

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M7RX Specifications
Weight 7.27 oz (206 g)
Battery 1 × ICR18650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable
LED High End Power LED
Length 6.14" (15.6 cm)
LED Lenser M7RX
LED Lenser M7RX LED Lenser M7RX
The M7RX comes in a hard plastic case which stores the light and all of it's accessories. The M7RX includes lanyard, power supply, USB magnet charger, charging holder, Clip with 360o function, rechargeable battery
LED Lenser M7RX LED Lenser M7RX
M7RX in hand measures 6.14" in length Battery compartment features hard gold-plated contacts.
LED Lenser M7RX LED Lenser M7RX
Dynamic switch offers one handed brightness control. (M7R shown) The M7RX includes a clip with 360°  rotating function. (M7R shown)
LED Lenser M7RX LED Lenser M7RX
The M7RX features a floating charge system in which a USB magnet charger attaches to a charge contact on the end of the light itself. This system prevents the user from having to remove the batteriers to recharge them. The M7RX also includes a charging holder which works with the magnetic USB charger to charge the M7RX. This holder may then be attached to a wall for easy access when needed. (M7R shown)

M7RX Features
LED Lenser M7RX
  • Rechargeable USB or wall outlet
  • Floating Charge System
  • USB magnet charger w/charging indicator
  • Advanced Focus System (AFS)
  • Rapid Focus System with lock feature
  • Smart Light Technology
Advance Focus System
LED Lenser M7RX
Advanced Focus System (AFS)
Patened combination of a reflector and lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenouse spill-beam for up close reading.
By using this combined system, more and better quality light is captured and projected to your intended target overall, making the AFS system one of great flexibility.
With just a quick push of your thumb outward, you can go from an up-close reading light, to a long distance focused beam and all stages inbetween.
LED Lenser M7RX
M7RX not shown


Smart Light Technology
LED Lenser M7RX

The Smart Light Technology includes up to 3 different light programs and 8 different light functions which allow you to optimize your flashlight behavior.

Starting with the easy program for the casual usage along with the professional program with multiple light functions, to the effective defence program.

The chosen light program remains unchanged up to a new selection and you are able to modify it at any time in a short way.

Energy Modes
LED Lenser M7RX

The Energy Modes are the selectable  basic settings of your flashlight. You can choose between Energy Saving Mode, which optimizes burning life, and Constant Current Mode (constant current control) with electronically controlled, continuous light output. The chosen energy mode remains unchanged up to a new selection and you are able to modify it at any time in a short way.