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LED Lenser


Handheld Rechargeable Light

This heavy-duty flashlight packs a punch with an impressive 850 lumens. The M17R comes with LED LENSER'S unique Advanced Smart Light Technology™ and the Advanced Focus System™ for a far-reaching beam or close-up flood lighting. The M17R is sturdy, features High Power LED technology and includes two LI-FEPO4 rechargeable batteries to keep you charged and ready to go.

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LED Lenser M17R Specifications
Weight 26.1 oz (740 g)
Battery 2 × Li-FePO4 Rechargeable Safety Ytrion Cell
LED High End Power LED
Length 11.81" (30 cm)
LED Lenser M17R
LED Lenser M17R LED Lenser M17R
The M17R in model's hand measures 11.81" in length. The M17R with head module, and tail switch removed. The two rechargeable Safety Ytrion Cell batteries are in the main body of the light.
LED Lenser M17R LED Lenser M17R
Close-up of the Fast Action Switch. Close-up the tail switch which features a 360° power indicator.
LED Lenser M17R LED Lenser M17R
The M17R includes a Floating Charge System to recharge the M17R. Charge System also functions as a emergency light during a power failure. The M17R includes a Charging holder, Magnetic Charger and cable (Floating Charge System Pro), power supply and intelligent 360° swivel clip

M17R Features
LED Lenser M17R
  • Revolutionary rechargeable Safety-Ytrion-Cell Technology
  • More than 2000 charging cycles, nearly without loss of capacity
  • 2 to 3 times faster charging compared to Ni-MH batteries
  • No self dischargement of batteries, no loss of performance
  • Magnet-operated Fast Action Switch for easy handling
  • Advanced Focus System
  • Smart Light Technology
Advance Focus System
LED Lenser M17R
Advanced Focus System (AFS)
Patented combination of a reflector and lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up close reading.
By using this combined system, more and better quality light is captured and projected to your intended target overall, making the AFS system one of great flexibility.
With just a quick push of your thumb outward, you can go from an up-close reading light, to a long distance focused beam and all stages in between.
LED Lenser M17R
M17R not shown


Smart Light Technology
LED Lenser M17R

The Smart Light Technology includes up to 4 different light programs and 12 different light functions which allow you to optimize your flashlight behavior.


Safety Ytrion Cell Battery
Safety Ytrion Cell Battery
The wait is over for a rechargeable battery that takes safety, power and run time  to a whole new level. Introducing the Safety Ytrion Cell™ battery from LED LENSER;  the first flashlight battery to truly mimic the properties of the hybrid car battery - safe, long run times and the ability to recharge thousands of times without losing significant battery capacity. And while some of this may sound familiar, the actual findings
are anything but typical:
The Safety Ytrion Cell Battery Can:
  • Can be charged 3000+ times - Typical NiMH or Lithium batteries can only be charged 500-1000 times.
  • Maintain 90% original capacity after 2000 charges - standard rechargeables begin to lose more capacity far sooner.
  • Charge two to three-times faster than traditional NiMH or Lithium batteries.
  • Provide huge size-to-energy-capacity ratio - compared to Lithium, Safety Ytrion batteries have much higher energy capacity meaning they can pack more power and run time into a much smaller and lighter package.