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Trail Pants & Shorts

Gamma SL Hybrid Short, men's, discontinued colorsby Arc'teryx$74.95$125.00Weight (oz): 7.484% Nylon 16% ElastaneDurable, Quick-drying, Gusseted crotch
Palisade Short, men's
Palisade Short, men'sby Arc'teryx$89.00Weight (oz): 8.1TerraTex™—94% nylon, 6% elastane blend. Breathable, Lightweight, Durable, Quick-drying
Psiphon SL Pants, men's, discontinued colorsby Arc'teryx$99.00$139.00Weight (oz): 11.189% Nylon 11% ElastaneLightweight, Durable, Gusseted Crotch
Stowe Pant, men's
Stowe Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$99.00Weight (oz): 9.54 oz cotton/nylon stretch poplin - 68% cotton, 28% nylon, 4% elastanePacks up small, Breathable, Lightweight, Durable
Lefroy Pant, men's
Lefroy Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$109.00Weight (oz): 17.6 Aequora AirPerm™ - 86% nylon, 14% elastaneLightweight, Air permeable
Texada Pant, men's
Texada Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$114.00Weight (oz): 20.099% Cotton 1% ElastaneDurable, Gusseted crotch, Articulated knees
Gamma LT Pant, men's, discontinued colorsby Arc'teryx$117.00$179.00Weight (oz): 11.3Fortius™ 1.0Lightweight, Durable, Quick-drying
Gamma SL Hybrid Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$119.00$199.00Weight (oz): 11.384% Nylon 16% ElastaneWeather resistant, Snow-shedding, Durable
Sabria Pant, women's
Sabria Pant, women'sby Arc'teryx$119.00Weight (oz): 6.9Fortius™ DW 1.0 - 87% Nylon, 13% ElastaneLightweight, Durable, Water resistant, Air permeable, DWR finish
Psiphon SL Pants, men's
Psiphon SL Pants, men'sby Arc'teryx$124.00Weight (oz): 11.1Cresta—89% nylon, 11% elastane.Highly air permeable, Lightweight, Durable, Versatile
Gamma LT Pant, men's, 2016by Arc'teryx$149.00$179.00Weight (oz): 11.384% Nylon 16% ElastaneQuick-drying, Lightweight
Palisade Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$159.00Weight (oz): 10.494% Nylon 6% ElastaneFront fly with zip and snap closure, Two zippered cargo pockets with drain holes
Palisade Pant, women'sby Arc'teryx$159.00Weight (oz): 9.994% Nylon 6% ElastaneLightweight, Durable, Quick-drying
Gamma MX Pant, men's, 2016by Arc'teryx$179.00$299.00Weight (oz): 19.2Fortius 2.0™—53% polyester, 27% nylon, 20% elastane, 160 g/m²Weather resistant, Highly breathable, Lightly insulated, Wind resistant
Gamma LT Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$189.00Weight (oz): 12.4Fortius™ DW 2.0 - 88% Nylon, 12% ElastaneMoisture-resistant outer face fabric, Lightweight, Durable, DWR finish
Gamma Rock Pant, men's
Gamma Rock Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$189.00Weight (oz): 12.084% Nylon 16% ElastaneQuick-drying, Durable, Lightweight
Gamma Rock Pant, women'sby Arc'teryx$189.00Weight (oz): 11.646% Nylon 46% Polyester 8% ElastaneQuick-drying, Durable, Lightweight
Gamma AR Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$199.00Weight (oz): 17.3Burly™ double weave—46% nylon, 46% polyester, 8% elastane, 275 g/m².Breathable, Highly durable, Wind resistant
Gamma AR Pant, women'sby Arc'teryx$199.00Weight (oz): 17.1Burly™ double weave—46% nylon, 46% polyester, 8% elastane, 275 g/m²Breathable, Highly durable, Wind resistant
Psiphon AR Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$249.00Weight (oz): 18.1Burly™ Double Weave - 46% nylon, 46% polyester, 8% elastaneWeather resistant, Breathable, Lightweight, Durable, DWR finish
Gamma MX Pant, men's
Gamma MX Pant, men'sby Arc'teryx$299.00Weight (oz): 17.3Fortius 2.0™—53% polyester, 27% nylon, 20% elastane, 160 g/m².Weather resistant, Highly breathable, Lightly insulated, Wind resistant