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Camping pads

SynMat 9 LWby Exped$149.00$169.00Weight (pounds): 3.06.0Width (inches): 26Length (inches): 76Thickness (inches): 3.511" 6.5"
Downmat 9 LWby Exped$159.00$269.00Weight (pounds): 2.98.0Width (inches): 26Length (inches): 76Thickness (inches): 3.510.6" 6.3"
Comfort Plus Insulated Mat Rectangular, regularby Sea to Summit$179.00$199.95Weight (pounds): 1.85Width (inches): 22Length (inches): 725" x 9"
MegaMat 10 LXW with hand-bagby Exped$179.00$219.00Weight (pounds): 5.79.5Width (inches): 30Length (inches): 78Thickness (inches): 3.931.1" x 9.8"
Megamat Duo 10by Exped$299.00$349.00Weight (pounds): 10.29.5Width (inches): 52Length (inches): 78Thickness (inches): 3.911.8" x 27.6"