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Bivybag Duo

by Exped
Bivybag Duo
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Bivybag Duo

Emergency Bivy for 2

The ultralight and compact emergency bivy bag. The Duo provides a truly basic bivy experience, a wind shield for breaks or a cover for two adults

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Bivybag Duo Specifications
Weight 14.5 oz (410 g)
Dimensions 79" × 55" (200 × 140 cm)
Packed Size 7" × 4" (18 × 9 cm)
Material Silicone coated rpstop nylon
Bivybag Duo Features
Exped Bivybag Duo
  • Duo functions as a bivy bag for two.
  • Use as a wind shield for 2
  • Three floor vents prevent the accumulation of excess condensation.
  • Top corner vents can be attached to rocks, trees or other secure items. There‘s even a peephole in Duo‘s center.
  • Use as a poncho for 1 person
  • Silicone coated ripstop nylon is lightweight and waterproof.
  • Thread is nylon core with a cotton mantle that expands when wet.
  • Reflective cords.