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Canyon 9.6mm

by Edelweiss
Canyon 9.6mm
SKU: Edelweiss-011541


Canyon 9.6mm Rope

Type B, Low-stretch rope

Type B low-stretch rope made of a polyester-polyamid composite sheath, with Everdry treatment. The rope has a high resistance to abrasion whilst remaining supple in use. Compared to a standard polyamid sheath, the shrinkage in water is reduced by a factor of 3.

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Canyon 9.8mm Low-stretch rope Specifications
Type Type B low-stretch rope
Static/Breaking Strength 21 kN
Strength with figure 8 knot 14 kN
Impact force factor 0,3 4.2 kN
Number of factor 1 falls 12
Weight per meter 59 g
Diameter 9.6 mm
Sheath percentage 44%
Weight of the core 56%
Elongation under 50/150 kg 36%
Static elongation (under 80 kg) 4.5%
Sheath slippage 0%
Shrinkage in water 1%
Material Polyamid / Polyester