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BearVault Solo

Bear Resistant Food Canister


Grizzly & Black Bear Approved

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BearVault Solo
Bear Resistant Food Canister

The only difference between the new BV450 and the older BV350 is that the lid has an extra bump which must be pressed in to open it. The BV450 is the same size weight and size as the older BV350

Weight: 2 lbs 1 oz.

Dimensions: 8.7" diameter x 8.0" long
Interior Volume (usable space): 440 cu in (7 L)

Capacity: holds approximately 4 day capacity

Transportation: designed to fit into a backpack or can be attached to the outside of a pack using the retention guides on the outside of the BearVault Solo.

Note: *Approved by The Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group and the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

BearVault Solo Model BV100 Bear Resistant Canister


  • Approved by the SIBBG and IGBC
  • Super rugged transparent polycarbonate housing resists impacts without shattering
  • Innovative design so you can open and close without tools
  • Extra wide rain-proof opening provides full access for loading
  • Built in guides keep tie down straps in place so extra carrying case is not needed to attach to backpack
Bearvault retention guides Bearvault with milkjug
Close up view of the built in retention guides. The retention guides keep straps like the one pictured above in place when transporting the bearvault.
Image above shows two Bearvault Solos with a standard one gallon milk jug in the middle. The milk jug is filled 2.3" with fluid, which is the same weight as the empty BearVault Solo.


Bear Resistant Food Canister Information

The SIBBG requires or strongly advises all backpackers to carry and use approved bear-resistant food storage canisters instead of other less effective methods such as hanging food. Even properly hung food is routinely reached by bears.

Approved bear canisters are recognized as the only effective portable means of food storage in certain areas. Proper precautions with bears keep the bears wild and neither attracted to nor dependent upon people for food. This helps eliminate bear-human conflict and protects personal property, food, and the bears.

In addition to food, bears are also attracted to anything with an odor including sunscreen, insect repellent, soap, and toothpaste. These items can be stored inside a bear canister.

For more information on where bear canisters are needed, or the proper procedures and precautions while enjoying bear country, visit the SIBBG website or the National Park Service website

See the Bear Vault Product Notices page for area-specific issues or limitations.  Note the topic tabs at top of the following linked page:

BearVault Operating Instructions

The innovative BearVault lid screws on and locks without requiring tools to operate.

To open:
1. Hold housing firmly between knees or boots
2. Turn the lid counter clock-wise until the snap on the side of the lid hits the stop on the housing.
3. Press in the snap on the side of the lid with your finger to clear the housing stop; you must press no more than 1/4" above the snap.
4. Once the snap on the side of the lid is clear of the housing stop, continue unscrewing the lid.

To close:
1. Hold the BearVault firmly as described above and screw the lid clock-wise onto the housing until the lid snaps past the housing stop; you will hear an audible click.

To strap the BearVault to the outside of a backpack:
1. Place the canister against the backpack and rotate it so that the strap dimples face away from the backpack.
2. Position the tie-down straps between the dimples and cinch the canister down securely onto the backpack. No extra carrying case is needed.

Store the BearVault at least 100 yards downwind of your camp. If possible, store the BearVault in the shade to keep the contents cooler. Never keep a bear canister in your tent!