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Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Rope

by Beal
Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Rope
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Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Rope

Dynamic Climbing Rope

Beal has developed the Diablo 9.8 Unicore for more demanding climbers. Due to its very fluid running sheath the 9.8 Diablo performs even better when pulling slack and clipping than 'classic' ropes of smaller diameter and lower weight. This rope is dedicated to expert climbers and experienced and vigilant belayers, because its easy running quality does not give the same assurance on belay as a rope of larger diameter.

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Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Dynamic Rope Specifications
Type Single Rope
Impact force 8.2 kN
Number of falls 5
Weight per meter 61 g
Diameter 9.8 mm
Sheath percentage 38%
Dynamic elongation 36%
Static elongation (under 80 kg) 9.2%
Material Polyamid
Mid-Point Mark Yes
Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Dynamic Rope
Beal Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Dynamic Rope Beal Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Dynamic Rope
Diablo Unicore 9.8mm red. Close up of Diablo Unicore 9.8mm
Beal Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Dynamic Rope
Diablo Unicore ropes feature a black marking at the rope's mid-point.
Diablo Unicore Features
Beal Diablo Unicore 9.8mm Dynamic Rope
Unicore Process
Unicore technology effectively links the core and the sheath of these dynamic ropes in a way that broadly limits movement between the two parts so that they work better together. Unicore ropes eliminate sheath slippage, allow for safe escape should the sheath be cut, makes rope cutting easy with a simple blade without heating and reduces shrinkage in water by more than 50%. Unicore ropes stay more supple, more agreeable to handle and have a longer lifetime.

By having a more free-running sheath than on a "classic" rope, friction against the rock and through the carabineers is reduced, resistance to abrasion is improved and the effort of pulling slack and clipings is greatly lessened. The climber really has the sensation of handling a much thinner and lighter rope because of the increased fluidity, whilst retaining the assurance of a rope of higher diameter.