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Backpackers Cache

by Garcia Machine
Backpackers Cache
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Garcia Machine

Backpackers Cache'

Bear Resistant Container

The Backpackers' Cache is top quality. They are expert tested (by bears), and have proven very effective in not only reducing odor transmission of the food inside, but also in keeping even the hungriest of bears out of your food supply.

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Backpackers' Cache Specifications
Weight 2.7 lbs
Interior Volume (usable space) 610 cu in (10 L)
Capacity Holds approximately 6 person-days of food (ie, 3 people for 2 days; or 2 people for 3 days; or 1 person for 6 days; etc)
Dimensions 8.8" diameter x 12" long; walls 3/16" thick
Transportation Designed to fit into a backpack or can be attached to the outside of a pack with an optional carrying case.

Model 812 by Garcia Machine is the newest version of the same bear resistant food containers (bear canisters) used by the Denali, Glacier Bay and Yosemite National Parks (the older, heavier model is no longer manufactured).

Backpackers' Cache
Filling jug with 2.25 inches of water equals 2.7 lbs (1.24 kg) - the weight of the empty bear canister. Backpackers' Cache on its side with lid facing camera.  Holds enough food for 6 person-days.
The lid locks can easily be twisted opened by a human, but are impossible for a bear to open. This is the locking mechanism on the inside of the lid
Optional carrying case
Optional carrying case with zippered access and webbing straps is custom made for the Backpackers' Cache by Garcia Machine (see link in cart).

Detailed Descriptions
Save the Bears
These canisters manufactured by Garcia Machine protect your food supply.  This not only benefits you, but helps keep the bears from becoming conditioned toward backpackers as a food supply.  Bears that learn that backpackers carry easily accessible food can become increasingly aggressive in raiding backpackers' equipment.  The National Parks maintain a policy of destroying nuisance bears that become a threat to humans.  For $69 and a weight penalty of 2.7 lbs, you can do your part to Save the Bears.  These canisters are also useful for protecting your food from gnawing rodents and other furry creatures that would rather chew through your backpack than dig up a tuber.
How it works
The lid is secured by two latches that can be twisted open/closed with a coin, key, thumb nail, etc.  Leave the closed container away from you sleeping area.  If a bear finds it, do not risk provoking the bear by attempting to take the container away from the bear.  These containers easily withstand a bear's pawing, chewing and kicking.  The bear will eventually lose interest in it and leave it alone.